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Mushroom Club UK relaunch Press release

Press Release
release date 20th October 2012
contact the website host agent at Planet Earth Internet
Tony Mackenzie

Conspiracy theorists are not so crazy after all!

A selected few of them in the UK can now earn money for proving that they were right all along.

According to the Mushroom Club in the UK the time is now right to relaunch their website at www.mushroomclub.org after a lapse of 10 years which was originally set up in 2002. At that time they were so ahead of mainstream public opinion that they had to shelve the idea.

Now, a large proportion of the public are crying out for the facts.

Over the last decade they have accumulated a mass of knowledge and links to facts showing the evidence to support what the unitiated used to believe as conspiracy "theories" but are now being proven as facts. This is thanks to a myriad of worldwide researchers, whistle blowers, cutting edge professionals and scientists.

Their slogans include "An Idea Whose Time Has Arrived", "You Deserve the Facts", and "Move out of the Dark into Enlightenment."

The question "Why the Mushroom Club? is answered by the response that "We are all like Mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed on Bull****"

The subject matters are varied and includes a philosophy of the peaceful spread of awareness with a respect and tolerance for all human beings.

They deny any support for any political or religious persuasions but do strongly identify with the overall basic ideal of free nations in peaceful federation but retaining their local sovereignty and each persons own freedom and sovereignty as individuals who have a right to the facts.

Memberships are free to regular members and a limited number of low cost licenses are being offered throughout the UK to self employed Area Managers, who preferably will already have some knowledge of at least some of the subject matters. This gives them a part time income opportunity with a totally ethical and altruistic slant.

The Area Managers' will be offered training and support and their objectives will be to co-ordinate local social gatherings as well as to help organise local meetings at private movie presentations with question and answer discussion sessions.

The website states "It has been estimated by researchers that there are now around a million different organisations worldwide whose purpose is to bring out facts being hidden from the masses of the population."

The website states that "Critical Mass" is a point now becoming very close where the mainstream start accepting new ideas as self evident from the sheer weight of the evidence.

They are affiliated to a number of established organisations with vast databases of knowledge and are welcoming new organisations to make contact with them to co-ordinate and add to this mutual knowledge base.

They also welcome new "Whistleblower"informants.

Three UK areas have already been allocated and enquiries are already flowing in which they hope will soon achieve a full UK roll-out.