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The Mushroom Club - An ethical business opportunity that combines
altruism with income

This is about Human Mushrooms - NOTHING to do with the type that grow in the ground!

The Mushroom Club is FREE for members to join

It is time for everyone to wake up and move out of the darkness into enlightenment!

Join the millions of people worldwide who are now accepting the new paradigms.

The first Mushroom Clubs have now been formed in the following areas:-

United Kingdom, Brighton, East Sussex

United Kingdom, Crawley, West Sussex.

Spain, English language expats, Nerja, Costa del Sol

Limited UK Business Opportunity with the new Mushroom Club

Only a limited number of Area Organsiers required. First come first served!

The Mushroom club was originally set up ten years ago but then it was before it's time and was put in abeyance.

Due to a massive worldwide resurgence of interest in the subject matter it is now relaunched with a mass of new affiliated resources and information.

The Mushroom Club is ultimately looking for Area Organsiers worldwide but the re-launch is now currently taking place in the UK

This ethical and altruistic opportunity is a self employed position and you can invest as little or as much time into it as you wish.

It can even be operated as an additional part time income generator in the evenings only by any inspired individual or couple.

Your purpose as an Area Organsier is to recruit and co-ordinate new free members in a main city in your region and the surrounding areas:-

1. This will include regular informal social meetings in local pubs or similar social gatherings for members to have chat sessions while enjoying each others company. Any income you can derive from ethical ideas of your own at these settings are, subject to our approval, 100% yours to keep. Any sales of books, DVDs we supply will earn you commission.

2. You will advertise (at your own expense) official Mushroom Club presentations in your area as often as you like at £11.99 per ticket. The presentations will include private documentary showings with question and answer sessions which you will be trained to manage. You will be paid commission on each ticket sold. We will organise and pay for all the venues required.

We will also set up Area Organsiers with a free Mushroom Club website in the name of www.yourarea.mushroomclub.org where you will also earn money from sales made.

Training and ongoing support is included in the modest set-up fee.

For further details please email Mushroom Club Opportunity Details

Please note that this is an ethical business opportunity and we do not impose any targets on you nor is this opportunity part of an MLM (Multi-level-Marketing) plan or network marketing plan.

New Paradigms & Critical Mass

A new paradigm is a new way of viewing things. At first the early adopters of new ideas are usually thought of as a little crazy by others but as the new views are adopted by more and more people the old views are gradually discarded. The belief in a flat Earth or the change to the belief in a heliocentric solar system are two simple historical examples. Look at how these and other old beliefs were violently opposed by the authorities of their time who did their best to prevent the new knowledge to be made available to the masses for generations. When more people accept the new views over the people who still believe in the old views this is called Critical Mass and is the point where the new beliefs are accepted as self evident. The massive numbers of ordinary people becoming more aware is clear evidence that a new point of Critical Mass is now getting very close.

Our affiliations

We are currently affiliated with www.21stcenturyalternatives.com, the Alliance for Natural Health (UK), National Health Federation (USA & UK),The Rath Foundation, the Methuselah Foundation, the Cancer Active charity and the Thrive Movement.

It has been estimated by researchers that there are now around a million different organisations worldwide whose purpose is to bring out facts being hidden from the masses of the population.

UK Organisations are invited to make contact.

We wish to co-ordinate the mass of new information now being released to the public by informed and aware researchers and we particuarly welcome associations with any UK based organisations of a similar nature so that information and resources can be shared for mutual benefit.


New information always welcome!

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