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The Mushroom Club - An Idea Whose Time Has Arrived

The Mushroom Club is FREE for members to join

It is time to wake up and take your head out of the sand!

Join the millions of people worldwide who are now accepting the new paradigms.

The first Mushroom Clubs have now been formed in the following areas:-

United Kingdom, Brighton, East Sussex

United Kingdom, Crawley, West Sussex.

Spain, English language expats, Nerja, Costa del Sol

About The Mushroom Club

Why the Mushroom Club?

Because we are all treated like mushrooms by those in power.

Kept in the dark and fed on bull****!

As already outlined on the main page:-

The Mushroom Club is dedicated to enabling the social interaction of people who are free thinkers and who wish to discover and disseminate new facts, preferring the concept of the peaceful spread of awareness in society rather than the violent and aggressive attitude of revolutionaries.

Awareness of many theories of what used to be referred to by the unenlightened as "conspiracy theories" are now, thanks to dedicated professionals, whistleblowers, researchers and investigators worldwide, being proven as fact with evidence to support these facts and disprove the false theories that have been purposely distributed to "muddy the waters."

Knowledge of supported facts is becoming more widely known amongst us "mushrooms" even if the information represents uncomfortable facts that many would rather not think about so that they can remain in their comfort zone in the dark.

Hopefully, together we can all bravely, with an open mind, become "ex-mushrooms."

We would like our members, wherever possible, to meet up at social events or perhaps even have meetings at their local pub for a coffee, beer or a glass of wine and some intelligent free thinking and tolerant discussion. We will provide them with links and assistance in setting up their own local groups.

Further information:-

We are NOT supporters of ANY political party or religious persuasion

Other than identifying very strongly with the concept of sovereignty and responsible freedom of the individual, the Mushroom Club is not linked to nor supports any one particular religious, or political ideology but does believe in the golden and ancient rule of philosophy that is at the root of all ancient ways of life and should be part of any truly free and democratic societies. i.e. That everyone should treat others with tolerance and understanding as they themselves would expect to be treated. All we ask is that members do their best to adopt these principles in their dealings with other members and the rest of society. If a society is not based on the Golden Rule it will ultimately collapse.

The Mushroom Club does very strongly believe in the sovereignty of the individual (now fast being eroded) but also believes that all individuals who expect sovereign rights within a society must also accept the responsibilities to others that go hand in hand with any rights.

As free thinkers, we believe that our members are likely to think of themselves as free minded individuals who come from, and may have supported, many varied political or religious views in their quest foranswers. It matters not what you believe in or what you don't believe in as long as you wish to find truthful answers and respect other's rights to hold different views and beliefs.

We also believe that many of our potential members will be amongst those who have become disillusioned with all the political parties and these people are now an enormous majority who don't vote any more

We have accumulated a lot of factual evidence to show why things are the way they are.

Outside of fair opportunity for all, free enterpise of the individual and social justice, we have no political or religious bias or affiliations. It is time to think for ourselves and reject the old orders of division that have been used to control us.

We are against all extreme forms of authoritarian control which are threatening the erosion of civil liberties worldwide including the rise of global corporatocracy which should not be confused with local capitalism or free enterprise as it is not the same. It is the giant corporatocracies which are now threatening democracy at a local, regional and national level.

We do not believe in forfeiting our national sovereignty to supranational entities and corporations whose authority is now interfering with democracy but we do believe that all nations should strive to be peacefully federated to all other nations whilst still retaining their own control over local currency and law making and not coerce or be coerced into positions of central control by dictatorships of faceless bureaucratic demigods.

We are for the preservation of sovereignty of the individual and upwards to localities, regions and nationalities but believe it must start from the bottom up not from the top down as it is becoming at the moment.

We believe that workable alternative solutions are available and are much simpler than they seem and it is only apathy, lack of knowledge and understanding that is preventing people from making that first move to take some peaceful action to spread this knowledge.

Conspiracy facts without Lizards!

We will be offering all new members a host of links to facts with supporting evidence that will enlighten them to what is really going on in the world in the following areas:-

  • Media bias, suppression of news, disinformation and misinformation

  • Suppression of effective natural health cures

  • Supression of truth and open discussion in formal education

  • Undue control and manipulation of scientists freedom to pursue avenues of research outside of the officially accepted paradigms.

  • Simple economic solutions of money creation and the education of these facts that support free enterprise at the individual level for the benefit of society as a whole and for the benefit of full employemnt from funding that circulates in the economy without paying interest to privately owned central banks for creating "fiat" currency that puts a tax burden on all the populace. The nation's money should be created by the nation itself and not by private "banksters."

  • Education of the underlying but simple causes of money creation by the "banksters" that have created, at their whims and fancies, regular booms and busts for centuries. Alternative, totally apolitical, economy and banking solutions to modern problems we are all suffering from at a personal and country level. In short, the general populace need to be made aware of this outrageous situation that has burdened them for centuries and has been the biggest pyramid scheme in history.

  • Undue influence of pharmaceutical companies in the training of medical professionals

  • Suppressed science and alternative energy

  • True education of the public to amazing advances and discoveries in simple natural health and anti aging protocols by cutting edge scientists

  • Manipulation of the information and education of both the masses and professionals at all levels by vested interests

  • And much more with real EVIDENCE!!!!

  • New Paradigms & Critical Mass

    A new paradigm is a new way of viewing things.

    At first the early adopters of new ideas are usually thought of as a little crazy by others but as the new views are adopted by more and more people the old views are gradually discarded.

    The belief in a flat Earth or the change to the belief in a heliocentric solar system are two simple historical examples. Consider how these and other old beliefs were violently opposed by the authorities of their time who did their best to prevent the new knowledge from being made available to the masses for generations.

    As more and people accept the new views over the people who still believe in the old views this is called "Critical Mass" and is the point where the new beliefs are accepted as self evident.

    The massive numbers of ordinary people becoming more aware is clear evidence that a new point of Critical Mass is now getting very close.

    Our affiliations

    We are currently affiliated with www.21stcenturyalternatives.com, the Alliance for Natural Health (UK), The International Alliance for Health, Peace and Social Justice, National Health Federation (USA & UK),The Rath Foundation, The British Longevity Society, the Methuselah Foundation, Thrive, the Cancer Active charity, The Movement of Life, British Constitution Group, Lawful Rebellion, Common Purpose Exposed,UK Column, and The Lawful Bank.

    It has been estimated by researchers that there are now around a million different organisations worldwide whose purpose is to bring out facts being hidden from the masses of the population.

    UK Organisations are invited to make contact.

    We wish to co-ordinate the mass of new information now being released to the public by informed and aware researchers and we particuarly welcome associations with any UK based organisations of a similar nature so that information and resources can be shared for mutual benefit.


    New informants always welcome!

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